class dathost.exceptions.DathostException

Base exception for dathost.

class dathost.exceptions.InvalidSlotSize

Raised when slot size is invalid.

class dathost.exceptions.MultipleGames

Raised when you attempt to create one server with multiple games.

class dathost.exceptions.InvalidTickrate

Raised when tickrate is invalid.

class dathost.exceptions.InvalidConsoleLine

Raised when console line is above 1 or above 100000.

class dathost.exceptions.AwaitingOnly

Raised when a coroutine called is awaiting supported only.

class dathost.exceptions.InvalidSteamID

Raised when give ID isn’t understood.

class dathost.exceptions.NotFound

Resource not found.

class dathost.exceptions.BadRequest

Path is a directory or Cannot move file into itself.

class dathost.exceptions.ExceededStorage

Your disk quota of 30GB per server (excluding base installation) has been exceeded

class dathost.exceptions.ServerStart

Failed to start server.